How Vulnerable is a Home to a Lawsuit?

Here in Florida, we have something called homestead. If your house, if that house is your homestead, it is protected from creditors and judgments. So, if somebody wins a lawsuit against you, they will not be able to take your house. The only people who potentially can...

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Can Medicaid Take our House for Reimbursement?

If the Medicaid planning process is done properly, no they will not be able to take your Homestead property. Homestead here in Florida is exempt from creditor's claims and from the Medicaid estate recovery department when you pass. Check out of YouTube Channel for...

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In a Revocable Trust, What Does U/T/D Mean?

U/T/D stands for Under Trust Dated. It is one of the two identifying features for your trust. Your trust has a name so it'd be the Greg revocable trust and then it has a U/T/D date. An under trust date, that's the date the document was signed. To learn more, head to...

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