Do I Need an Attorney for Estate Planning?

Do you have to have an attorney? No. Do you want to have one? Yes. An attorney's going to take things and be more in depth with it and handle your specific situation, whereas a paralegal's just going to fill in the blanks on a form. So you most definitely want to have...

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How Do I Fund a Trust?

Funding the trust is actually probably the most important part of the process. If the trust is not funded, if the assets are not titled to the name of the trust, it's not worth the paper it's printed on. So, the way to fund the trust is you have to re-title assets in...

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How Vulnerable is a Home to a Lawsuit?

Here in Florida, we have something called homestead. If your house, if that house is your homestead, it is protected from creditors and judgments. So, if somebody wins a lawsuit against you, they will not be able to take your house. The only people who potentially can...

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