Where is Probate Handled?

When you have to open a probate administration here in Florida, you're going to do that in the county where the person passed away. To learn more about probate in Florida, head to our YouTube video. Don't wait to contact us with your questions.

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Who Can Challenge a Will in Florida?

The person or people who can challenge a will here in the State of Florida is anybody who is an interested person in the estate, or who is negatively affected by the new will. Learn more on our YouTube Channel. Don't hesitate to contact our firm with any questions you...

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Why Should I Apply for Medicaid Coverage?

If you don't apply for Medicaid coverage, you're going to go through your assets, and spend them down, and get to the point where you're probably going to need them anyway. Learn more on our YouTube Channel. Don’t hesitate to contact our office with any questions you...

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Provisions Relating To Disposition Of The Body

Before issuance of Letters of Administration, any person may carry out written instructions of the decedent relating to the decedent’s body and funeral and burial arrangements. The fact that cremation occurred pursuant to a written direction signed by the decedent that the body be cremated is a complete defense to a cause of action against [..]

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