Can I Name Two People to Serve as My POA at the Same Time?

Yes, you can name two people to serve as your agent at the same time, they would be co-agents. It’s just a bad idea in application. Say, for example, the first person you name as a co-agent goes into the bank in the morning and says, “Hey. I need you to surrender Mom’s CD.” Well, then the second person you named as co-agent goes into the afternoon, is checking on the accounts, and finds out that that CD was liquidated and that shouldn’t have been done, they don’t think. Well, now you have a problem.

It’s best not to name two people at the same time. Name them in order. “I name this person. If, for some reason, that person cannot or will not serve, then the next person.” Don’t wait to learn more on our YouTube Channel. If you have any questions, contact our firm.