The main reason I started the WTPELF Client Care Program is because of what happens after you sign your documents and leave our office. I don’t believe that is the end of our relationship. Despite telling people to call us if anything changes in their estate plan or if something happens medically to them or their spouse, it wasn’t happening. We had been hearing from clients they were concerned about being billed for calling or emailing. That is just not how we do things. We don’t charge for phone calls or emails. I want you to know that we are here to be used as a resource for you.

Let me give you an example. I spoke with one client whose spouse fell, after being discharged from the hospital. This person was then sent to a rehabilitation facility and after exhaustion of Medicare benefits was placed on private pay in a skilled nursing facility for a period of time. Had the client called me, I could have saved most, if not all, of that money. Plus, we could have explained the process in an easy-to-understand manner, provided guidance on the discharge options from the hospital, been involved in the care plan meetings, etc.

Due to the volatility of personal health issues; changes to state, federal and tax laws affecting Florida residents, the annual complimentary review of your estate plan as a member of the WTPELF Client Care Program is imperative. If you fail to keep your plan updated as laws and family situations change, you may inadvertently be letting yourself and your family down. As a member of the WTPELF Client Care Program, we will update the legal necessities in your estate plan, revise your plan to meet your current family and financial situation, and utilize the latest estate planning techniques for you and your family.

I like to sit and spend time with each of you, learning about your families, problem-solving, helping you achieve your goals and even providing guidance with matters outside our specialty. I understand, and have experienced, the struggles and hardships many of you have faced, or will face in the future. As a member of the WTPELF Client Care Program we will do this together.


  • Free Digital Storage Lockbox to store your estate plan
    and other important documents
  • Free Notary Services for any legal document
  • One Free Annual review consultation to update your documents
    to reflect your current goals, needs, family, and financial situation
    and any necessary legal changes to comply with laws as they change
  • Free Membership in Legal Directives, which provides immediate
    Access to your emergency information & Health Care Directives 24
    Hours per day, 7 days per week, anywhere by you or your
    Health care professional
  • Free Phone calls to the Firm by you, your financial
    advisor, CPA, or insurance professional
  • Free Yearly updates to your POA and Health Care Surrogate
  • Free Funding Assistance for newly acquired assets
  • Free POA and Health Care Surrogate for adult children
    up to age 25
  • Exclusive Monthly Newsletter with updates on law changes &
    Important information
  • Invitations to Greg’s Video Conference Seminars
  • Invitations to our Client Care Program Member Only Events
    like our Virtual Dementia Tour Room and our Shred Day
  • Pet Awareness Program
  • “Gabbing with Greg” Coffee Events
  • Meeting with your named agents and/or children
  • Access to our Client Resource Library

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