Also known as a “DNR” or “DNRO”.

Simply put, A DNR means no resuscitative efforts will be made in the even of cardiac or respiratory arrest (heart stop beating/stop breathing). Medical personnel will not use cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), artificial breathing tubes, electric heart shocks, or any other invasive emergency techniques.

A DNR only affects the resuscitation of someone who has stopped breathing or has no heartbeat. They don’t have any effect on treatment while you’re still breathing.

There are strict formalities that must be followed to have a legally valid DNR.

1. The form must be printed on yellow paper.

2. The words “DO NOT RESUSCIATE ORDER” need to be printed in black and be displayed across the top of the form.

3. The form must be signed by you. If you are unable, it may be signed by your power of attorney, health care surrogate or court appointed guardian.

4. The form must be signed by your physician.

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