Funds in Possession of Federal Agencies

Part 3 of 5

All of the property in this provision is declared to have escheated, or to escheat, including all principal and interest accruing thereon, and to have become property of the State of Florida.

All money or other property which has remained in, or has been deposited in the custody of, or under the control of any officer, department or agency of the United States for 5 or more consecutive years, which money or other property had its situs or source in this state, the sender of which is unknown, or who sent the money or other property for an unknown purpose, or money which is credited as “unknown,” and which said governmental agency is unable to credit to any particular account, or the sender of which has been unknown for a period of 5 or more consecutive years; or when known, has died without having disposed thereof, and without leaving heirs, next of kin or distributees, or for any reason is unclaimed from such governmental agency.

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