Recovery of Escheated Property by Claimant

Part 2 of 2 on Recovery

The Chief Financial Officer shall approve or disapprove the claim. If the claim is approved, the funds, money, or property of the claimant, less any expenses and costs which shall have been incurred by the state in securing the possession of said property, shall be delivered to the claimant by the Chief Financial Officer upon warrant issued according to law and her or his receipt taken therefor.

If the court finds, upon any judicial review, that the claimant is entitled to the property, money, or funds claimed, and shall render judgment in her or his or its favor, declaring that the claimant is entitled to such property, funds, or money, then upon presentation of said judgment or a certified copy thereof to the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Financial Officer shall draw her or his warrant for the amount of money stated in such judgment, without interest or cost to the state, less any sum paid by the state as costs or expenses in securing possession of such property, funds, or money.

When payment has been made to any claimant, no action thereafter shall be maintained by any other claimant against the state or any officer thereof, for or on account of such money, property, or funds.

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