Estate Planning Starts with a Consultation

To properly plan for a kitchen remodel and quote a realistic amount, a contractor needs to meet with you to discuss the project. Similarly, an estate planning attorney should want to meet with you in person for an initial consultation. Our initial consult is free. While we will provide a quote over the phone and offer flat-fee rates, proper estate planning—and pricing—requires a detailed discussion about your assets, your family situation, and your goals.

Doesn’t everyone just need a will?
For a simple and straightforward situation, a simple and straightforward will may be the right fit. But after an initial consultation with an estate planning attorney, you may determine that you don’t want a will at all.

Oftentimes, when a client learns about the benefits of using a revocable trust as part of an estate planning strategy, they want to use a trust rather than a will. Unlike a will, a trust does not have to go through the probate process, so your assets can be distributed more quickly and privately. With a trust, there may be some important tax benefits to realize. And, a trust tends to be a highly personalized document that allows you to retain some control in when and how your assets are distributed.

It does typically cost more to create a trust-based estate plan, but for the right set of circumstances, investing some time and money up front will likely save a significant amount of both in the long run. The initial consultation is a two-way street. It helps the attorney understand your circumstances, and helps you understand all the tools available to create the right estate planning strategy for those circumstances.

Two other attorneys gave me a price over the phone. Can you?
You can find contractors who will give you a quote over the phone. And you can find estate planning attorneys who will do so as well. Off-the-cuff price quotes can result in unexpected additional fees, compromised work effort, poor business reputation, and even business failure. Nobody comes out ahead.

Quality work requires a fair price. And to provide a fair price, an estate planning attorney needs to understand the extent of the project up front. That initial consultation enables your attorney to understand your circumstances—family dynamics, assets, goals—before providing pricing information.

Meet with a Florida Estate Planning Attorney
At your initial consultation, we’ll get to know you, and you’ll have the opportunity to get to know us. Call us at 941-914-9145 to set up a meeting or fill out our contact form and we will call you to schedule your meeting.