A third person who is asked to accept a power of attorney that appears to be executed in accordance with Florida law may in good faith request, and rely upon, without further investigation:

1.         A certified English translation of the power of attorney if the power of attorney contains, in whole or in part, language other than English;

2.         An opinion of counsel as to any matter of law concerning the power of attorney if the third person making the request provides in a writing or other record the reason for the request; or

3.         The affidavit stating:

            A.        Affiant’s authority has not been suspended by initiation of proceedings to determine incapacity or to appoint a guardian or a guardian advocate;

            B.        Affiant’s authority has not been terminated by the filing of an action for dissolution or annulment of Affiant’s marriage to the principal, or their legal separation;

            C.        There has been no revocation, or partial or complete termination, of the power of attorney or of Affiant’s authority.

            D.        Affiant is acting within the scope of authority granted in the power of attorney.

            E.         Affiant agrees not to exercise any powers granted by the Power of Attorney if Affiant attains knowledge that the power of attorney has been revoked, has been partially or completely terminated or suspended, or is no longer valid because of the death or adjudication of incapacity of the Principal.

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