A third person may require:

1.         An agent to execute an affidavit stating where the principal is domiciled; that the principal is not deceased; that there has been no revocation, or partial or complete termination by adjudication of incapacity or by the occurrence of an event referenced in the power of attorney; that there has been no suspension by initiation of proceedings to determine incapacity, or to appoint a guardian, of the principal; that the agent’s authority has not been terminated by the filing of an action for dissolution or annulment of marriage or legal separation of the agent and principal; and, if the affiant is a successor agent, the reasons for the unavailability of the predecessor agents, if any, at the time the authority is exercised.

2.         An officer of a financial institution acting as agent to execute a separate affidavit, or include in the form of the affidavit, the officer’s title and a statement that the officer has full authority to perform all acts and enter into all transactions authorized by the power of attorney for and on behalf of the financial institution in its capacity as agent.

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