Earlier this year, the Michigan Auditor General reported it found 3,800 convicted felons delivering in-home care to elderly and disabled Medicaid patients. The Michigan Department of Community Health stopped doing background checks when the Snyder administration changed the program to the Department of Human Services.

Convicted felons are being paid to take care of elderly in Branch and St. Joseph Counties, Area Agency on Aging (AAA) staffer Melissa Franklin said. “We have multiple care providers now who are on the sex offender registry,” she said. “There is nothing that anyone can do to protect” those receiving the care.

Franklin pointed out Medicaid is paying for the care of some who are extremely vulnerable, often with dementia. “There is nothing that can be done,” she told Michigan Commission on Services to the Aging.

Commissioner Renee Reid-Smith of Berrien County said she has been warning about this for the last 10 years.

Source: Coldwater (MI) Daily Reporter

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