Senior Drivers in Florida – Part 2 of 3

The Re-Examination

After passing the basic vision test the senior driver may be asked in certain circumstances by Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (“DHS&MV”) to take a written knowledge test to ensure they are able to safely operate a motor vehicle.

A DHS&MV re-examination may be given when a person’s driving skills must be reevaluated based on one or more factors, including the driver’s physical or mental condition, or driving record. A family member, physical or emergency medical technician, or peace officer via a medical reporting form may recommend a DHS&MV re-examination. Other times, information in the license renewal application or on the driving record may prompt a re-examination.

The re-examination involves the immediate evaluation of an individual by a DHS&MV authorized officer. It consists of an interview, and may also involve a vision test, a written test, and/or a driving test.

Following the re-examination it will be determined if there should be a modification in the senior driver’s driving privileges.

Source: Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles

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