If any person initiates judicial proceedings to determine the principal’s incapacity or for the appointment of a guardian advocate, the authority granted under the power of attorney is suspended until the petition is dismissed or withdrawn or the court enters an order authorizing the agent to exercise one or more powers granted under the power of attorney.

1.         If an emergency arises after initiation of proceedings to determine incapacity and before adjudication regarding the principal’s capacity, the agent may petition the court in which the proceeding is pending for authorization to exercise a power granted under the power of attorney. The petition must set forth the nature of the emergency, the property or matter involved, and the power to be exercised by the agent.

2.         Unless otherwise ordered by the court, a proceeding to determine incapacity does not affect the authority of the agent to make health care decisions for the principal, including, but not limited to, those provided in chapter 765. If the principal has executed a health care advance directive designating a health care surrogate, the terms of the directive control if the directive and the power of attorney are in conflict unless the power of attorney is later executed and expressly states otherwise.

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