Effective Estate Planning Requires a Complete List of Assets

When it comes to estate planning, most people want to pass as much of their wealth as possible to their beneficiaries. But working with an estate planning attorney to achieve this goal without fully disclosing all your assets may defeat that goal. Full disclosure of your assets is the best way to ensure your attorney can create the best estate plan for your circumstances.

Return on Investment

Estate planning is an investment. You invest time in researching an experienced estate planning attorney to help you set and achieve all your estate planning goals. You invest time in collecting your asset information and meeting with your attorney. You invest money when you pay the attorney fees. These are all investments you’re making for your beneficiaries. If you don’t disclose all your assets to your attorney, you may not get the best return on those investments.

Asset List

As part of the estate planning process, the office will send you a secure link to a fillable form where you can enter a list of your current assets. Once you have submitted the fillable form, it gets automatically added to your digital client file for safekeeping. This list helps your attorney to properly advise you or your loved ones in the event of your incapacity or death. The list should be comprehensive but if you have something that is not on the list that you think might be an asset, there is space on the form to add the potential asset.

What If I Don’t Disclose All My Assets?

Your attorney can’t do the job you’ve hired him or her for if you don’t disclose all your assets. You’re asking your attorney to create a plan for a false financial picture. Estate planning is a complex area of law with a lot of moving parts. To obtain the best results for you and your beneficiaries, your attorney needs to know your complete financial picture.

Your estate planning attorney’s knowledge and experience can only go so far toward creating an effective estate plan. Full disclosure of your assets is essential.

Work with an Experienced Florida Estate Planning Attorney

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